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How to care for your jewellery?

Jewellery Care has never been more important in today's world with hand sanitising becoming a part of our daily routine. I've put together a short care card to guide you in keeping your Jewellery in the best condition possible. 

  1. Showering/Bathing - Remove all jewellery before you shower, bath or even swim. This will avoid chemicals from shampoo's/body gels interfering with the piece. 
  2. Sprays & Oils - Avoid spraying perfumes and hairsprays directly on your pieces. Also, lotions, body oils and other cosmetics can also impact the colour of the piece. 
  3. Exercising - Removing your jewellery before exercising will avoid the piece coming into contact with any equipment you may be using in addition to perspirations being lodged between your piece and the skin. 
  4. Storage - For safe keeping store in the pouch provided. 
  5. If possible remove piece when using hand sanitisers with high alcohol content and harsh chemicals.
 All these steps will ensure the longevity of your jewellery for years to come.


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